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Advanced algorithm, numerous features,  the most optimized layouts...
Try our new Cutting 3 to see the best program in professional cutting software.

Using Cutting 3 you can:
• use unlimited quantity of panels and parts to cut;
• specify different textures or types of materials in one cut session;
• select different modes of calculation;
• create and use your own virtual storehouse of materials and remnants;
• move parts from one layout sheet to another;
• mark the offcuts;
• mark the band;
• easily identify different materials by use of visual textures;
• import details from AutoCad or other programs;
• export the projects and layout reports to other programs;
• move layouts sheets;
• save and restore the cutting results;
• automatically get total area of parts, offcuts, kerf length, waste, etc.;
• any skins;
• save data as project and so on.

Cutting 3