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05 November 2008 Version 1.50
Х Polish language has been added.
Х Minor errors are corrected.

08 August 2008 Version 1.48
Х The common saw width for all materials has been added (Only in the full-working version).
See Options - Common saw width.
If the value of the common saw width is equal to 0, then the saw width is different for each material type. See Options - Name of Material - Column "Saw width".
Х The priority in the materials to be cut has been added.
It can be set up in the column "Priority" of the table of materials.
Positive number. The bigger this number, the earlier this material is to be cut.
Works only in the full-working version.
Х Bugfix: The displaying of cut lines when the parts are placed from bottom to top.
Х Bugfix: The displaying of cut lengths on the cutting diagrams.

07 March 2008 Version 1.47
Х Minor errors are corrected.

25 January 2008 Version 1.46
Х The layout algorithm has been improved.
Х Minor errors are corrected.

01 November 2007 Version 1.45a
Х File Manager added.
Х Minor errors are corrected.
Х Source code is improved.

25 January 2007 Version 1.42
Х The layout algorithm has been improved.
Х The modules of layout output have been developed for the automatic machines.
Х Minor errors are corrected.

30 June 2006 Version 1.40a
Х Minor errors are corrected.

30 June 2006 Version 1.40
Х New function for saving the values of butt-end off-cuts for all selected sheets (selected rows in the table) using the button "Edge Trim" (group selection of sheets' off-cuts) has been added.
Attention: While changing the Edge Trim values for the selection of rows, the default values are taken
from the first material in the table.
Х The function of edge trim of all sides of the sheet to the defined value has been added.

18 May 2006 Version 1.39
Х New function has been introduced - the renaming offcuts while creating them.
To rename the offcut again, right-click on the offcut.
Х New options of layout diagrams viewing:
  - view unique diagrams only;
  - view all diagrams.
Х Minor errors are corrected.
Х Source code is improved.

03 April 2006 Version 1.38a
Х The summary report has been improved.
Х The group multiplying of parts in the table can be done for selected rows.
Х The parts' labels drop-down list is now sorted.  

06 February 2006 Version 1.38
Х The fast calculation type is technological now as well.
This means that the program will try to arrange identical parts next to each other for increased usability for cutting. The waste percent could be bigger in each sheet.
Х Decreased time of calculation.
Х The new feature has been added: the ability to choose the note for the part from the list of notes in parts table.
You can create this list in "Options" - "List of frequently used notes for parts".
Х Now the different edge type can be specified for parts' sides. 
For several highlighted rows you can clicking the "Edge Band Arrangement" button above the parts table. For one row the edge band can be set be clicking the "Edge Band" button on the right.
Х The minor inaccuracy in cut length is fixed.
Х Data inserting to the parts and sheet grids using Ctrl+V.
Х Minor errors are corrected.

07 December 2005 Version 1.37
Х The new function of all parts multiplier has been added. See "Main Actions" - "Part Multipier"on the panel of buttons above the parts table.
Х The new function "Order No" has been added. It can be activated in the 'Options'. See "Options" - "Main Parameters" - "Order No".
If this function is activated, the column "Order No" will appear in the parts table. The order number can be used only while labels printing.
Х The new function of labes printing has been added. See layout diagrams panel, "Print Labels" button.
Х Minor printing errors have been fixed.

28 October 2005 Version 1.36
Х New: the ability to specify different values of the kerf cut width (kerf width)  for different types of material.
Important. Before the calculation, set the cut width in "Options" - "Name of Material".
There is the new column "Kerf Width" in the table of material names.
You have to fill out this column with data, which will be stored by the program and used in future. If you need to change the cut width for a given material, type the new value in this field. The kerf width value  is visible in the sheets table as well, but you cannot change it there
Х The control over the adding marked offcuts to the warehouse has been added. It will prevent from the accidental duplicating of the marked offcuts
Х The mouse wheel functions have been corrected
Х The error in the license validation of the full version has been fixed
Х Minor errors are corrected.

13 August 2005 Version 1.35
Х The option for rotating parts (with rotation sign "rotate") by right-click mouse button is introduced
Х The error that appeared when trying to move the parts with more than 1 quantity, is fixed
Х The error of help content calling is fixed
Х The module of offcuts marking is corrected
Х The error of placing parts with the sign "joint rotation" is fixed
Х Minor errors are corrected
Х Source code is improved.

26 July 2005 Version 1.34
Х The additional printout style (Cutting 1) is added to the printing options
Х The limitation to the quantity of material types is taken out.
Now you can just add a file with the material pattern into the "Materials" folder,
that should be created inside the Cutting 3 folder.
The file should be saved with the ".JPG" extenstion (e.g. "mymaterial.jpg").
The number of these files is unlimited.

16 June 2005 Version 1.33
Х The capability of moving the parts from a sheet to a sheet and inside the sheet is implemented;
Х The calculation of the cut length is improved;
Х The diagrams printing is improved;
Х Minor errors are corrected;
Х Source code is improved.

5 April 2005 Version 1.32
Х The diagrams printing is changed. Now you can set up the font preferences, the size and paper orientation for printing.
Х The print preview interface is changed;
Х The trial version has more limitations;
Х Russian language is added to the dialogs;
Х Source code is improved.

15  November 2004 Version 1.31
Х The interface for layout diagrams is changed;
Х Displaying the dimensions on the layout diagrams is added;
Х Source code is improved.

10.11.2004 Version 1.30
Х Minor inaccuracy in offcuts marking and parts moving is corrected;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

19.10.2004 Version 1.29
Х The calculation of the cut length is improved;
Х The algorithm of offcut marking is improved;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

16.09.2004 Version 1.27
Х The limitations of the trial version are changed;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

12.08.2004 Version 1.25
Х New skins are added.
Х Moving the details on sheets with more than 1 copies is released.

8.08.2004 Version 1.24
Х Improved layouts printing;
Х Added the choice of placing parts (Top to down, bottom to up).
See Options -> Layout Diagrams Parameters -> Parts Placement for more

15.07.2004 Version 1.23
Х Help file in English is added;
Х The documentation in English is added;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

4.06.2004 Version 1.20
Х Improved print layout diagrams;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

19.05.2004 Version 1.19
Х The program has been improved;
Х Minor errors are corrected.

28.04.2004 Version 1.18
Х The function of moving parts is added;
Х Errors are corrected.

26.04.2004 Version 1.17
Х Were added: saving layout diagrams to file and restoring from the file;
Х Interface is improved;
Х Errors are corrected.

14.03.2004 Version 1.16
Х The calculation and mapping of the cut lines are added;
Х The mapping of the linear and quadratic dimensions is improved (see. "Options"->"Parameters of  Viewing Diagrams").

11.03.2004 Version 1.15
Х Improve method optimization;
Х Maximization of the remnant in the last sheet is added;
Х Offcut's marking is added;
Х Errors are corrected.

7.03.2004 Version 1.14
Х Improve method optimization
Х Mode "Minimal Unplaced Remnants" added
Х New skins
Х Errors are corrected

4.03.2004 Version 1.13
Х The parts dimensions are printed now
Х New feature: you can take account of the butt-ends flaws

1.03.2004 Version 1.12
Х Documentation in russian type is published
Х Errors are corrected

25.02.2004 Version 1.11
Х Data import from Cutting 2 projects is added
Х Working with AutoCad details using clipboard is added
Х Optimization algorithm is improved
Х Errors are corrected

16.02.2004 Version 1.10
Х Commercial version release

15.02.2004 Version 1.06 beta
Х Russian and English language interfaces are united
Х Import procedure from the text file is done (see Sample.tc3)
Х First variant of summary printing is added
Х Errors are corrected

10.02.2004 Version 1.04 beta
Х Layout diagrams printing is added

8.02.2004 Version 1.02 beta
Х Work with the face plate tape is added
Х The sign of the calculation of clearance for aach row of details table is added      
Х Errors are corrected

6.02.2004 Version 1.01 beta.
Х English language Version is released
Х Installation files are created              
Х Errors are corrected

4.02.2004 Version 1.00 beta.
The program is released.

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