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Cutting Line • News and History
23 July 2007 Version 2.49
• Minor errors have been fixed.

20 July 2006 Version 2.48
• The function of adding the material has been developed. See options, the "Add Material" button.
• Minor errors have been fixed.

30 June 2006 Version 2.47
• The function to mark all allowed off-cuts by clicking one button has been added.
• The function to mark the allowed off-cuts while displaying the layout diagrams has been added.

21 April 2006 Version 2.46
• The number of types of material has been increased to 50.
• The option "Select All" on the material warehouse has been added.
• Minor errors have been fixed.

07 April 2006 Version 2.45
• The printing has been enhanced.
• The export of diagrams to RTF, PDF, HTML, Excel has been added.

23 April 2005 Version 2.44
• Sort placed parts added.
• Add functions "New Project", "Add Project".
• Improved source code.

15 November 2004 Version 2.42
• Various kerf width for different material types is added.
• Different types of print reports are added.
• The calculation of parts from smallest to biggest is added.
• The results preview is added.
• The interface is changed.